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Freestyle Dressage

At the end of each competition year (weather permitting) LEGs finishes up with an enjoyable competition of freestyle dressage and Prix Caprilli tests.

Performed to music and sometimes themed with matching fancy dress, riders complete a test designed by themselves to a set criteria of movements. Freestyle dressage is a great opportunity for riders to showcase their creative flair whilst emphasising the strengths of their mount. 

A UK based freestyle specialist, Freestyle Dressage Professionals, notes that it is important to remember that Freestyle dressage is not dressage with music but dressage TO music and that the test is tailored to the music and must be a harmonious exhibition for the spectator and judge.

Scores are allocated to the required movements with collective marks available for the creative aspects of the test.

The LEG freestyle competition allows riders to perform with lyrical music while in normal competition it is restricted to instrumental , often made up of a number of musical pieces and meshed together. There are a number of websites that specialise in freestyle music creation.

For all the budding Charlotte and Valegro's.... a record freestyle test.

Freestyle test sheets
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