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What is Showman?

The Showman competition was originally derived from International Show Horse events.

This multi-discipline competition has been designed to reward the all-round equestrian athlete with a well-developed capacity to present a horse under saddle and in-hand. Showman consists of 3 or 4 phases of equal weighting (100 marks each). All classes have a dressage test, an individual ridden display and an in-hand presentation.

Four-phase Showman classes also include a jumping phase. The same horse/athlete combination must complete all phases in the correct order. The Rules for Showman have been designed to correspond with the National Sport Rules of each of the disciplines represented wherever possible. (EA, State Intershool Annex, 2017)


How is Showman judged? Explain how it works.

Each horse and rider combination competes in a dressage test, ridden showhorse test and a led workout with the inclusion of a jump round (in the equitation style) for the 4 phase event. Dressage is scored as normal - percentage - with the additional phases of the competition scored out of 100 each. 

The Interschool Showman Annex provides a breakdown of how the event is run and judged.

Each combination commences with dressage and on completion of their test, proceeds directly to the showhorse arena to complete the set show horse workout. Those competitors competing in a 4 phase event then proceed to gear check where boots may be applied to the horse before completing a round of 8 jumps.

At the completion of the jump round, competitors remove the saddle and boots off the horse and provide the led judge with a display of the set workout.

Scores are collated and provided to the event organisers with the winner being the combination with the highest score out of 400 or 300 in a 3 phase competition.


Gear check

1. Dressage test

2. Ridden Showhorse

Gear Check (add boots, vest & adjust leathers)

3.Jump round (4 phase only)

Remove gear (saddle, boots and spurs)

4. Led Showhorse 

Event completed


Basic Rules


  • prepare and present to gear check as per normal dressage day - helmet, light jods, number both sides, gloves on - ready to go

  • present to judge at dressage as normal for your time on the draw

  • complete your test and exit arena

  • head directly to the ridden showhorse arena and await instructions from steward, you are able to confirm the workout before commencing

  • at completion of workout - return to gear check to prepare for jump round (if doing 4 phase) or to remove gear if doing 3 phase

  • if doing 4 phase, complete your jump round and return to gear check to remove gear and proceed to led arena to complete led workout

  • NOTE:

  1. Stewards will be on hand to assist with removing of gear

  2. Whip length restricted to 75cm

  3. The gear you commence your dressage in must be worn throughout the event - ie no change of saddle or cloth etc

  4. Spurs must be removed for the led portion of the event

  • Horses are to be shown plaited and presented as if attending a show - clean and polished

  • Riders are required to be presented for a show class - plaited, jacket etc. You may wear a collared t-shirt, club polo preferred by not mandatory, however presentation points will be issued acorodingly.


Ridden Showman Workouts - link to pdf doc



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