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Clinics and Training

Clinics : throughout the year LEG organises some of Queensland's best coaches and judges to conduct clinics in individual and group sessions for dressage, jumping and flat-work poles. Other clinics have included nutrition, turnout and saddle-fit sessions.

It is a priority of LEG to source opportunities to access great coaching and equine education to better their competition and enjoyment. These events are a real value-add for members of LEG.

Protocol Training : Possibly the most effective and productive method of improving your dressage scores, protocol training allows the rider to ride a test under an EA accredited judge and receive  feedback on the spot. The judge gives direction on improvements to movements within the test, accuracy and collective score.


Protocol training is seen as a valuable tool in improving scores and encouraging members to go further with their dressage.


Laura Williams receiving instruction from EA coach, Sharyn Ross during protocol training April 2016

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