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Club Rules and Policies

Dress Standards for Official & Members Days

Member's day competitions are very relaxed but nonetheless, safety cannot be compromised, LEGs conducts events under EA rules. 

Light coloured jodhpurs (white, off-white, light canary and beige) minimal tread boots, a safety helmet in accordance with the current EA standard and gloves are compulsory (white preferred or dark colour).

LEG polo and sun shirts are available, however other collared and sleeved shirts may be worn.  Jacket and tie/stock is also acceptable. EA rules apply to the horses tack ( for both members days and official competitions. Military personnel or police may wear service dress if they wish when competing.


Stock Saddles may be used at members days provided they have a girth and surcingle or Bates Patent and Surcingle



Short boots (black/brown only) and short boots with matching black or brown gaiters (with or without black/brown hunting tops) and long brown boots can be worn up to advanced level.  Long black boots (Top Boots) can be worn at all levels, including FEI.

Bits must be made of metal - can be different metals or metal covered with rubber or synthetic material.  All parts of the bit coming into contact with the horse's mouth must be of metal and shall be rounded, smooth and not ridged, sharp or corrugated.



Equestrian Australia has announced helmets with a safety standard EN1384 will not be permitted for competition from 

January 2017. Equestrian Australia recommends the use of helmets that conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3838; this standard provides for more stringent independent testing as well as further periodic retesting. The statement issued by the EA expressed that helmets must currently satisfy at least one of the following


-AS/NZS 3838 (current Australian Standard)

-VG1 (interim European Standard)

-EN/1384 (current outgoing European Standard).


Competition attire including formal headgear is permitted in the final warm-up arena at the discretion of the OC.

Riders under 18 years and riders of horses under 7 years of age MUST wear an approved safety helmet with the retaining harness secured and fastened in ALL EA competitions, regardless of the level or venue.  Where riders under 18 compete at an FEI sanctioned event, FEI rules for dress and saddlery will apply unless otherwise specified by the OC venue management.


No Smoking Policy at Events

The EA has a "No Smoking Policy".  This policy does NOT allow smoking in the arena and in or around the canteen and gear steward areas.


Dogs and other animals

It is preferred that members refrain from bringing animals other then horses to the grounds. If present, dogs must be on a leash and under complete control at all times. They are not allowed in the canteen or competition areas (including the showground and grandstand). If owners or riders have dogs in these areas you will be asked to leave the area and risk elimination.


Blue Cards

We are being 'encouraged' to possess Blue Cards if we have any juniors in our sporting clubs.  We hope that all members will apply for a Blue Card.  There is no cost to the member, but to apply for a Blue Card a member must supply two forms of personal identification, complete an application form which is then signed by the Treasurer once she has sighted the personal idenficiation (which can be any 2 from a range - passport, medicare card, licence, credit card, rates notice, phone bill etc.).


Unfortunately, this must be done in person so we are hoping that at competitions we will be able to assist all club members to apply for a Blue Card.  If you already hold a Blue Card please let Mars know, otherwise make sure that you have some personal identification at the next competition so that an application can be made. We understand that this is a sensitive issue and appreciate that you may want to discuss matters further with us before applying.  Please don't hesitate to contact a committee member for more information.


Anyone wishing to apply for a Blue Card, please contact us to arrange the appropriate paper work.


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