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Helping at LEG events


No pencillor – no test. Pencilling is a very important job at dressage – second only to the judge beside you. As a pencillor you are required to record the judges’ comments and applicable scores against each movement through the livescore app. All of the necessary information is contained in the background and all you need to do it enter the bridle number, score and scribe! 



'With the advent of the tablets and livescore, scoring has gone virtual and painfree! 



Gear check is another one of those jobs that must be done and doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Again, attention to detail is important here. If you’re concerned about what to look for, check out the EA guidelines (with pictures). For a LEG day remember the basics – white/light jods, collared shirt, number on both sides, gloves, appropriate boots, appropriate helmet and legal whip length. Not sure if a bit or spur is legal –there are lots of members who are well versed on gear check and are happy to help.

The gear check person needs to make sure they are marking off the riders as go through gear check to compete and it is very helpful to the scorers if they are marked off after the completion of their test too.

Gear check is fun and a great way to get to know the members and their steeds!



If you have volunteered to provide morning/afternoon tea for the judges – thank you!

Your morning tea should be something that is easy to eat in the car and not leave the judge with dirty/sticky fingers or crumbs all over their clothes and car. If you can make up morning tea packs individually, that helps with hygiene as lunch boxes are packed at the start of the day. Bring your morning tea to the office in the morning and pop in the fridge.

To ensure we don’t over cater it is best to allow enough food in your morning tea offering for about 5-6 people. This normally looks after 2 cars and leaves a little snack for the judge to nibble on later – and remember – a well fed judge is a happy judge = good scores!


Thank you for helping! Many hands make light, enjoyable work.

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